Earn to Die 2012 Unblocked

In Earn to Die 2012 Unblocked, your heroic character has made it to the first destination point, only to find that he was too late. The zombies have already taken over the area. You find a map indicating a second possible safe zone, and quickly realize that your search is not yet over, but your old vehicle has taken too much of a beating to continue the journey. Use the map, find some new wheels, then plow down any undead that dare to stand in your way of reaching your destination.

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How to Play

Similar to the previous version, in Earn to Die 2012 Unblocked you need to purchase and upgrade various vehicles to help you reach your destination point. The three vehicles you have to choose from are a muscle car, a Humvee, and a school bus. While these vehicles may not look very heavy duty, the more you pimp them out with the wide variety of upgradable parts, the more durable and reliable they will become.

Player Controls

The game features some standard, default keyboard controls to allow players to easily navigate and control each of their vehicles. Using the arrow keys will allow you to control the vehicle’s tilt as well as accelerate and move in reverse. Pressing the X button on your keyboard will give you a quick speed boost once this feature is unlocked. Players may find the speed booster can come in handy when they’re close to reaching their destination point.

>> Click Here To Play Earn to Die 2012 Unblocked <<



Similar to the previous version, the key to successfully completing each area on the map is to continually purchase and upgrade various parts. Upgradable parts include the vehicle’s fuel tank, transmission, engine, and wheels. Additionally, players should consider purchasing and upgrading the speed booster.

In order to purchase upgrades and new vehicles, players need to earn in-game cash. To do this, plow through as many zombie hoards as possible along your journey to your final destination. The more zombies you kill, the more cash you will have to spend.

Of course, even when you max all of the upgrades on any given vehicle, you will only be able to get so far. You still may not be able to reach the final destination point! This is why it is important to remember to purchase new vehicles as soon as possible, and begin their upgrades. The sooner you are equipped with the most powerful vehicle, the sooner you can make it to the safe zone.

What’s New?

Earn to Die 2012 Unblocked features an all-new checkpoint system. By reaching various checkpoints, players can enjoy the game longer with more levels. Additionally, now Earn to Die 2012 is available in an unblocked version to allow players of all ages to enjoy the game from any computer, whether at work, at school, or at home.