Earn to Die 4 Walkthrough

The zombie apocalypse survivor just isn’t lucky. He’s driven through the desert and various deserted towns throughout the series. He’s reached a helicopter, only to have it taken down. Now he’s finally reached a military base and has seemingly been airlifted out of harm’s way. But it just isn’t to be so. The game begins with the main character’s plane taken down by zombies and him having to drive to another base where survivors are to possibly escape the hordes of zombies.



The Vehicles

In Earn to Die 4 you will drive 3 cars. The 4 door sedan, the station wagon, and returning from Earn to Die 2012, the muscle car. The cars are all upgradable but get stronger with each new one purchased. The 4 door sedan will only get you to a point of the level even if you upgrade it to it’s maximum ability. Once you reach this point, it’s time to get the station wagon which will clear this point easily. After that, it will again get stuck even after all the upgrades to it. Then finally get the muscle car to power through the end of the game.


Use the directional keys to control all 3 of your vehicles. The up key will move your car forward. The down key will hit the brake or slow it down. The left key will tilt the car up and the right key will tilt it down.

Use the left and right keys to stabilize the car and keep it going. The down key however, is to be sparingly if ever, used. It’s all about mowing down objects, so you won’t really be using this key.




Start by using your first car, the 4 door sedan. It’s average in every way, compact and generally a reliable car to start the game with. But it will only go so far even after all the upgrades to it. You will reach a point where your path is blocked by a brick wall and the car will not be able to smash this barrier, even with all it’s upgrades.

Once you reach this wall, immediately purchase the station wagon. This car will take you farther and be able to smash this wall with ease. But it will also reach a ramp which will be difficult to drive over as it will usually run out of gas, or be stopped by all the zombies. Again all the upgrades will not be able to get you through this point. Here purchase the returning muscle car. It will easily traverse the ramp and get you past it as long as you purchase the fuel and fill it up. From there finishing the game will be relatively easy.

Upgrades to get immediately

Regardless of what car you’re using in the game, it’s always a good idea to get the fuel upgrade first. Fill up your gas immediately, as this will get you far even if you haven’t upgraded the other parts yet. No fuel means no distance travelled, so you’ll have to have fuel constantly. After the fuel, get the engine upgrades to have your car running at top speed and with maximum efficiency. Once that’s done, get the gearbox upgrades to improve your engine further or the turbo boost for power to smash through obstacles. Upgrade the mounted guns and the zombie kit last as these tools are secondary in nature and the engine, turbo boost and fuel are much more important. Getting these upgrades in this order will give you the most efficient distance in the game.