Earn to Die 6

In Earn to Die 6, it’s post-zombie apocalypse, and you are one of the few remaining survivors. You hear a broadcast on the radio from the local military, urging all survivors to quickly evacuate your current city and travel to Refuge Harbor. During this broadcast, you realize that you will need some wheels in order to get you there! You begin building one very cool, very fast car.


The controls in Earn to Die 6 are pretty simple. Use your up arrow button in order to accelerate your vehicle, and use the left and right arrow keys to control the vehicle’s tilt. Once you’ve purchased the booster, you can then use either the X button, or the Ctrl buttons on your keyboard in order to activate the booster and receive an extra burst of speed whenever you need it.

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How to Play

In order to play Earn to Die 6, you must first begin with a basic car, and upgrade this car so that it can achieve certain distances. There are many parts to consider purchasing and upgrading for your basic car. Each part provides different benefits to your character.

  • Fuel Tank – there are 6 upgrades for this part, and each one will increase the fuel tank’s capacity.
  • Engine – the engine includes 4 upgrades. Each upgrade will allow your car to accelerate faster and offer more fuel efficiency.
  • Transmission – The transmission includes 4 upgrades. Each upgrade will increase your car’s speed.
  • Wheels – There are up to 4 different wheel upgrades available, and each upgrade will give your car better traction.
  • Gun – The gun will shoot down zombies before they have a chance to attack your vehicle. There are 3 upgrades available.
  • Boost – By purchasing boost, and upgrading it up to 5 times, you will have incredible power and speed at the push of a button.
  • Armor – Armor helps to protect your car against zombie attacks, reducing the amount of damage your car would normally take from them. There are 2 upgrades available.

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Earning Money

Beginning your journey to the Refuge Harbor proves to be quite difficult. Once you’ve found a vehicle to use, you realize that you need cash in order to upgrade it properly to go the distance. As you upgrade each part, you will realize that the cost of upgrading grows with the upgrade benefits. You will be able to earn money in three different ways throughout your journey.

  • Earn money based on how many zombies you hit.

  • Earn money based on the distance you’ve travelled.

  • Earn money based on your average speed for that day.


In Earn to Die 6, you are able to use up to three different cars in order to make it to your destination. You begin with a basic car. As you upgrade this car, and complete the first level, you will be able to unlock the next car – a police cruiser. Once you’ve purchased the police cruiser, you will then need to upgrade the parts on it similarly to the way you did for your first car. Once you’ve completed level two, you will unlock the final vehicle, a transportation bus. Just as you had to do with the basic car and the police cruiser, you will also need to purchase and upgrade parts for the bus in order to reach your final destination. The upgrades you’ve completed before will not be compatible with a new vehicle.

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Earn to Die 6 offers three different maps for you to travel in order to reach Refuge Harbor. These maps offer various scenic themes, such as deserts and large cities with abandoned buildings and broken bridges. In addition, as you unlock and explore each map, you will realize that they become increasingly more difficult to complete. Keep in mind that each map will take several days in order to complete them.

Tips for Beginners

If you’re having trouble completing a level, there are a few important tips for beginner players to remember.

  • Keep an eye on your fuel and booster fuel consumption. Located at the bottom center of the screen, you will find three meter gauges. The gauge on the far left is your fuel gauge. The one in the center is the speedometer, and the one on the right is the booster fuel gauge.

  • Watch your ammunition consumption. At the top left corner of your screen, you can see an icon that looks like three bullets. This is your ammunition gauge, and it can tell you when you’ve run out of ammo.

  • Across the center top of your screen you will see a line with a fuel tank on one side and a car on the other. This bar will tell you where you are at in relationship to the beginning and end of the map, as well as include an indication arrow to show you how far you travelled the previous day.

  • If you need to pause the game for any reason, you can do so by clicking on the pause button that is located at the top right corner of the screen, next to the distance bar.