Earn to Die Cheats

Earn to Die is an action driving which puts you in the role of a zombie-apocalypse survivor who must drive through to a helicopter that will save him from a horde or relentless zombies. The task isn’t as impossible as it sounds however, as he will have 3 cars, which increase in power, to help him achieve his task. The cars, an old hatchback, an old but good pickup, and the cool heavy truck, are the keys to helping him survive and get to the helicopter.

Best Cheats ever for Earn to Die games:

Pressing the 1 key will toggle invisibility for your vehicle. Being invisible will make you simply go through enemies and they cannot stop you. You can still run out of fuel.

Pressing the 2 key will toggle different types of ammo to take down your zombie enemies.

Need cash but are tired of repeating the process of playing over and over again? Simply press the M key to get a quick $5000 cash reward. Now if only making money in real life was this easy..

Want to race through the level but haven’t upgraded your turbo boost? Press C and watch your vehicle race through your enemies.

Running out of fuel? If you’re low on fuel press v and get instant fuel on the run!

Running short on ammo? Pressing b will also give you immediate ammo to take down the zombies.

Use these cheats if you want to breeze through the game faster than usual. They will make the game really fast and easy to play if that’s how you want to play it.


earn to die 4


About the game:


Use the directional keys to move your vehicle through the level of the game to the helicopter.  The up key moves your vehicle forward and accelerates it. The down key moves the car and slows it down to hit the brake. The left key tilts your vehicle up, while the right key tilts it down. Use these keys to stabilize the car and to keep it moving at a steady pace. When you have gotten the turbo boost upgrade you can use it with the x key. 


If at any time the car turns over you will have to start the level again. And as you go on, you will have no choice but to repeat the level again and again because here is where the gameplay lies; in the trial and error needed to earn money. Don’t worry if your car always stops due to lack of fuel or because it can’t get past an obstacle. The game is designed that way. With the money you earn, you are given opportunities to upgrade your vehicle.

The specific parts of the car that need to be upgraded are as follows:

The engine: Upgrade this to travel longer distances and for more power.

The gearbox: Upgrade this so your engine can work even better, providing even more stability. and power.

The wheels: Upgrade this to be able to run over zombies and obstacles even better.

The zombie kit: Get this as a battering ram to smash obstacles.

The mounted gun: Get this to automatically shoot zombies on the fly.

Fuel: Probably the most important upgrade as no fuel means your car simply can’t travel. It will come to a dead stop without fuel.

This is the basic gameplay of the game. It is very tedious but fun and rewarding. This is the straightforward way to play the game. But this isn’t the only way to play it. There are some cheats which can make your gaming experience even more fun, if not more efficient.