Earn to Die Unblocked

The zombie apocalypse has started, and the few survivors left are relying on your skills and lead foot to prevail in the war on zombies in this action-packed thrilling unblocked game, Earn to Die. You’ve managed to develop a fan base from all corners of the country. Don’t let them down – defeat the hordes of brain-eating zombies and reclaim this beautiful land that we call home.

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How to Play

You play as the main character who has received word that in order to stop the zombie apocalypse, you must drive to the furthest corner of the country, killing as many zombies as possible along your journey. Your only means of travel, shelter, and defense is the beat-up, old pick-up truck that you’ve found along the roadside.

Use this truck to plow through waves of zombies to reach various destination points. The more zombies you kill, the more money you will receive along the way. Use your earnings to purchase upgrades for your truck. Then hit the road again to drive through zombie waves and other obstacles that are blocking the way of reaching your final destination.

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Player Controls

The default key controls that you will use most often are pretty standard compared to other, similar games. The default directional keys in Earn to Die are simply the arrow keys on your keyboard; the up arrow key will cause your truck to drive forward, and the left and right keys will control the trucks tilt. Additionally, you can unlock a variety of boosters throughout each level to help you further progress toward the finish line. To activate the boosters, simply press the X and J keys on your keyboard.


Earn to Die provides the player with three vehicles to choose from: a hatchback, a pick-up truck, and a heavy pick-up truck. Every vehicle can be upgraded as you progress through each level and earn cash. However, the upgrades are not compatible between vehicles. This means that all of the upgrades that you’ve made to the hatchback will not be activated when you unlock and begin using the pick-up trucks.

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Each vehicle offers a wide variety of upgrade options available. Remember that upgrades on one vehicle are not compatible with other vehicles, therefore you will need to begin from scratch when you unlock and purchase a new vehicle.

Some examples of the type of upgrades you can expect for each vehicle are: larger wheels with better traction, better transmissions, and more powerful engines.

Earn to Die has become insanely popular among people between the ages of 10 and 45. The zombie apocalypse craze currently taking the world by storm, as well as the impressive graphics and amazing storyline, may have something to do with this instant popularity. Now, players can play Earn to Die from any computer, anywhere around the world, with the updated, unblocked version. Try it out today and be sure to share your experience with your friends!